A New Model of Couple Sexuality After 60

  • Confront the perfect performance model. The real essence of couple sexuality with aging is giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching. 

  • Sexuality with aging is more genuine, human, and satisfying. You need each other as intimate and erotic allies in a way you didn’t 20 years before. 

  • Drop the idea that “sex=intercourse.” Instead, define sexuality to include sensual, playful, and erotic scenarios in addition to intercourse. 

  • Responsive sexual desire is healthier than the demand for spontaneous desire and erection. 

  • Good Enough Sex (GES) recognizes the multiple roles, meanings, and outcomes of couple sexuality. Transition to a sensual or erotic scenario rather than panicking or apologizing when sex does not flow to intercourse. 

  • Whether intercourse occurs 90%, 70%, 50%, 30%, 10%, or 0% of encounters, you value broad-based, flexible couple sexuality. 

  • Drop the male-female double standard. An advantage of sexuality and aging is it promotes female-male sexual equity. 

  • Medical interventions can facilitate sexuality with aging, but they need to be integrated into your couple sexual style of intimacy, pleasure, and eroticism. The medical resource cannot be a stand-alone intervention.